About the Book

Who would've thought that a little boy who wore leg braces and was constantly bullied by the other kids would grow up to become a mean fighting machine? Surely not the doctors who told his parents that their son would never walk without his braces.

Despite the prodding of these same doctors, Mr. and Mrs. Tancredi refused to commit their son to medical care. Instead, they attended to him themselves and watched him grow up to disprove all that that he was predicted to be.

The desire to prove his worth and make his parents proud of what they had done for him burned in the grown up Tony. It was a thirst that would not be quenched, increasing even more when his mother asked him not to pursue professional boxing - even after his first successful fight.

The five foot ten two hundred pounder settled down to become a loving husband and father.

Life sailed smoothly, sometimes too smoothly for the man whose parents were told at birth that he would not live through the night. Women offered themselves to him and, after he owned part of a notoriously exclusive club, it came to a point when he hardly felt joy in his "trivial" pursuits.

Tony Tancredi had all the money and power he had ever dreamed of, but he still couldn't make his father proud.