Publication Date: October 9, 2009
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305 pages; ISBN 978-1-4415-2189-7
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In Pursuit Of Pride
A riveting tale of a crippled child who pursues his parents' admiration

Cape Coral, FL – October 12, 2009 – Tony Tancredi is a man's man. A former boxer, he doesn't tolerate nonsense from anyone. He is a good friend, a devoted husband and father, and a loyal protégé to the man who owns the streets of Philadelphia. Thus, he is insured and enjoys the good life - money, women, and drugs are among those perks available to him. He thought that becoming part-owner of an exclusive club would make his old man proud - his family needn't know about what he does on the side to attain his wealth and standing - but when, one night, his father discovers his son's double life, it only brings disappointment. Co-authored by Cindy L. O'Hara, Sins of the Son follows the compelling tale of Tony Tancredi's life, and subsequent journey to redemption.

    Meet the Authors
  Tony Tancredi
Tony Tancredi was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. As a former boxing promoter and club owner in that city in the ‘80s, his experiences led him to write this book. He now lives in Fort  Myers, Florida and when not working on his next novel, enjoys salt-water fishing.

Cindy O'Hara
Cindy O'Hara is a former journalist with more than a decade of experience in Washington D.C. While there, she covered the energy, oil and construction industries. She now lives with her husband and two children in the Midwest. She is looking forward to co-authoring her next novel in this series.

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